Our brand

Inspired from the great master Leonardo Da Vinci, both an artist and a scientist, Leonardini means "little Leonardos" in Italian.

We believe all children can reach a high level of creativity, when opportunites and means are provided.
More children can be raised as scientists&artists as Leonardo, with the help of
creative & learning toys and books supplied in Leonardini stores.

Our logo
Our logo symbolizes a child's writing her name with colourfoul crayons, with Leonardo’s inverted Ns.
Our slogan
"Play is life"
The work of children is to play.
Play is a prime way for children to learn about life.
Children discover and understand the world while playing and reading.
Children imitate life during play - play becomes the life itself.

The right to play, as with health care, nourishment and education, is an essential right of every child.

Leonardini stores have a play-based approach and attention to service quality.

We aim
To contribute to creative child development with carefully chosen fun toys
To create an environment where children can learn to love arts and sciences
To increase the quality time the families spend together by playing games
To continue the tradition of playing with classic wooden toys

The best gift to a child is the time devoted to play together.